Julie Sponagel

VP of Business Development, Artisun Solar

About this speaker

Julie is an experienced sales executive and coach with a global perspective and a heart for people. She is an exceptional leader accomplished in cultivating high-performance teams to deliver outstanding results. As a business-savvy professional, Julie is able to quickly adapt to new roles, environments, and technologies.

Julie is a strong presenter, communicator, and trainer within all levels of an organization. She is proficient at addressing and improving underperforming teams. Julie has extensive experience in creatively leading high-performing teams, effectively overseeing hiring and training, marketing strategies, operations, project management, strategic development, negotiations, training programs, and customer satisfaction.

Her ability to bring out the best in her team is evident in her outstanding results. Julie is highly respected and has a proven track record of success. Her leadership skills are unmatched, and she is dedicated to helping her team members reach their full potential. With her unique blend of expertise and passion, Julie is an asset to any organization.

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Julie Sponagel