Chad Johnson

VP of Sales & Business Development, Best Ventures Leadership

About this speaker

Chad is a sales expert with a passion for solving the problems facing sales organizations today. He has a proven track record of creating an energized and engaged culture, improving processes, providing high conversion prospecting and sales presentation skills, people development, and attracting top talent.

Chad is an expert at creating high-performance sales teams and organizations either as a turn-around or from the ground up. His ability to identify and implement solutions has helped businesses achieve outstanding results. Chad's expertise in creating a winning culture has made him highly sought after in the sales industry.

His knowledge and experience in sales have allowed him to help businesses overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. Chad is dedicated to his craft, and his passion is contagious. With his unique blend of skills and experience, Chad is an asset to any organization.

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The evolving landscape of prospecting in the future of sales

Chad Johnson