Here are the sales powerhouses who are speaking at the festival. 

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Joe Lazewski

VP of Digital Sales, TTEC

Teri Long

VP of Enablement, Mindtickle

Cesar Viana Teague

Growth Advisor, Openner.vc

Jason Fishkind

RVP Sales, East, People.ai

Jared Fuller

Chief Ecosystem Officer, Reveal

Jenn Glabicky

Head of Revenue & Sales Enablement, Fidel API

Ani Krihkori

VP of Sales & Marketing, iShopMeta

Andrew Peterson

Co-Founder, Clozd

Julie Sponagel

VP of Business Development, Artisun Solar

Dano Ybarra

Fractional Chief Revenue Officer, Revenue Northstar

Spencer Dent

Co-Founder, Clozd

Chad Johnson

VP of Sales & Business Development, Best Ventures Leadership

Mo Milller

Director of Revenue Operations, Rivet

Or Paran

VP of Sales and Business Development, Finaro

Warren Zenna

Founder, CRO Collective

Geoff Bray

Director of Sales Operations, The Hoyt Organization

Will Burden

Senior Events Producer, Sales Enablement Collective